3200 Bailey Lane, Suite 199
Naples, FL 34105

Schedule 2020-2021

  • November ZOOM lecture on "Forensic Pathology" with our guest speaker Dr. Heather Walsh Hanley PhD; Associate Professor & Justice Department Chair @ FGCU
  • December ZOOM lecture "Technology Advances in Rehabilitation" Dr. Eric Shamus from FGCU
  • "Welcome Back Dinner" January 13th
  • January 2021: Calusa Water Keepers "Public Health Aspects of Water Borne Toxic Algae" @NCH, Telford Auditorium
  • Wednesday, February 3rd 2:30-4:30 @ ARTHREX TOUR
  • Wednesday, March 3rd: Bentley Village 5:00 PM: Ms. Myra Williams: Drug Pricing "Why are drugs so much more expensive in the USA?"
  • Sunday, March 21st Farewell Dinner/Dance