PO Box 111795, Naples, FL 34108

anActive Non Profit Corporation

The Retired Physician Association of Southwest Florida, Inc. is located in Naples, Florida and is listed as an active Non Profit Corporation. Retired Physician Association of Southwest Florida, Inc. was started on Jul 06, 1995 and continues to serve its members with educational sessions, networking and social events.


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Founded in 1995

President’s Message Michael Finkel, President, 2022-2024

As we end our 2021-2022 Season, I am happy to relate that we have survived the epidemic as an organization. We are financially strong, and we have 68 dues paying members. We have continued to fulfill our missions to provide education, fellowship, and opportunities for service. Dues will remain $125 and can be paid by check or electronically by credit card or bank transfer. Instructions will be on the website and in the emails.